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Startup Boosters

It’s hard enough just to start a business, so why not make use of some ways to get extra lift off from startup boosters. Here are some that I have come across or thought about.

Insight and Foresight

Use the brain’s full capacity to boost your effectiveness.

Bootstrap Finance

Avoid financial headaches by conserving and maximizing cash.

Leverage the Web

Use the web’s almost infinite means to compete with the corporates.


Use collaboration with a big firm with a common interest to gear up.


Develop your new business out of your employer’s while maintaining links.

Startup Storytelling

Telling success stories about the business you start work like magic.

Crowdfunding is the latest in a crowd of social networking sources of finance.


Open-preneurs are those who create ventures that work very closely alongside established corporations to the benefit of both.

Entrepreneur’s Errors

My mistakes you should avoid.

Understanding Entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneurship?

Revenue-Based Funding

The idea is that instead of the risk being attached to the capital growth of the investment, the lender takes a risk on the revenue, by charging a percentage of the top line.

Banking on Values

There is a new kind of bank emerging that concentrates on firmly declared and operated values. Here are some.

Venture Incubators and Accelerators

Venture Incubators are physical locations where startups can gain a benefit from working their startups in close proximities with others. Accelerators are similar, but have a bootcamp approach, intensively deeloping skills.

Startup Urgency

Sooner is better–the faster you get customers, the earlier you’ll learn what it’s going to take.


Yes, coopetition. You did not misread the word. Think about how your competitors often don’t compete across all you activities. In many ways, you are complementary.

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