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Entrepreneurship Insights

Entrepreneurship Insights is the periodic newsletter from Startup Owl. You can see see back issues by clicking on the issue that interests you. Though I say it myself, there’s lots of good stuff in the newsletters to inspire and use.

February 2014 Contents

  • Alphabet of Entrepreneur Types
  • Worthless Impossible and Stupid, a review of Daniel Isenberg’s book
  • Is Lean Startup, Bootsrapping

March 2014 Contents

  • Making meaning
  • Startup Leadership, a review of Derek Lidow’s book
  • Which Public Company Will Be the First Benefit Corporation

April 2014 Contents

  • Storyboarding
  • Income Disparity & Startups
  • First Public Benefit Corp?

May 2014 Contents

  • Press the Button: Start Now
  • Bricolage: get on with it!

June/July 2014 Contents

  • Scaling Sustainably
  • A Strategy Fairy Story
  • Startup Mentors

August/September 2014 Contents

  • Stunning Startups
  • Raise the Bridge, or Lower the Water
  • The Magic of Mentors

October 2014 Contents

  • Flat and Round: Startups Do It Differently
  • Hmm? or Wow! Strategy
  • Make Like Big, Stay Like Small
  • Lucky or Smart? – book review

January 2015 Contents

  • New Ecology of Business: Growth Comes in Many Forms
  • Expansion or Extension?
  • The Art of Social Media – book review

February 2015 Contents

  • USA Crowdfunding Situation Report
  • Spread Your Ideas to the Crowd – book review
  • Affiliation Trumps Autocracy
  • Crowd Communities

April 2015 Contents

  • 37 Million Rural Americans
  • Ireland’s Startups
  • Successful Entrepreneurs Tell Convincing Stories
  • The $13 Startup
  • For-Benefit Enterprise
  • Rural Biz Plan Competition Gets 65 Entries

June 2015 Contents

  • US Equity Crowdfunding Future
  • Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding
  • Platforms to Pitch Your Startup
  • Microloans in the US

July 2015 Contents

  • The Mindful Entrepreneur
  • Mindful Work
  • Mindfulness Guides
  • Make Your people Meditate?

August 2015 Contents

  • Male on Female Founders
  • Funding & Support for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurship is Gender Neutral
  • Numbers of Women Entrepreneurs

October 2015 Contents

  • The Benefit Sector
  • Benefit Enterprise
  • Benefit and Business Models

November 2015 Contents

  • The Crowdfunding Market
  • New Rules Widen Crowdfunding to More Companies and People
  • 12 Consequences for Entrepreneurs

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