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  Best Business Plan Software: using the best software is a critical component of startup success. I have been practicing and teaching new business creation for 35 years and have tended to veer away from ‘template’ business plans for two reasons: first, they relieve you of thinking and questioning your own assumptions too hard, and second … Read more

Hall T Martin, internet go-between, founder of TEN Capital Entrepreneurs often come across finance brokers of various kinds, including many on the Internet, but I recently met Hall T Martin who founded TEN Capital in Texas. Hall T has created an organization that has been very successful in raising capital for new ventures in Texas. … Read more

drawing by Andrew Davies Lost City Beneath the Sod Stuart Wilson, 37, is a graduate archaeologist—and entrepreneur, though he might not classify himself as such. He was a toll collector when he invested in his passion: archaeological excavation. He followed a conviction that he was on the trail of a long lost major medieval city … Read more

Startup Learning Opportunities New Venture Creation course being taught by Will Startup learning opportunities abound. Not all of them require you going to business school to do an MBA. Many are available on line. Some are even free. Plenty of people have business ideas and at the same time lack any notion of how to … Read more

10 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Change the Social & Economic Story Men and women who create for-profit and nonprofit new ventures can and should do things of the kind that the President-Elect is likely to neglect, negate, or avoid. Entrepreneurs can quietly change the story, one organization at a time, whatever government may or may not … Read more

“There is plenty of conventional “establishment” writing and advice to startups as to how to raise money from billion-dollar VC funds, how to design companies for rapid growth then acquisition by big pharma/tech, how to ingratiate themselves with bankers and high finance—in general, how to become the growth cogs for the 1% (by convincing the … Read more

‘Vision’, created for DharmaCo by Libat Ohayon. Founders who want to change the world are achieving their goal. More and more major corporations have decided that their values should not just be nice catch phrases, but be exhibited in all their actions. Without a band of founders prepared to say “enough is enough”, they might … Read more

Female Founders is a new feature at Startup Owl. Among other things it lists over 30 sources of startup and early-stage funding that are specifically aimed at female founders. There is pointed advice from female founders for intending female entrepreneurs. The page is written by Will Keyser in conjunction with Danielle Tate, founder of and author of the Elegant … Read more

            The Art of Shouting Quietly is a book by Pete Mosley. On the basis that most entrepreneurs are also creative people, any who fear pitching should read this book. And the ones who don’t would gain hugely from it, too! This Scotsman’s new book came out in the UK … Read more

Storybeing What do you think is going on in the image above?  No, you are wrong. It is the making of a Bollywood film on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Last July an group of Indian filmmakers descended on the island to make a film called Tamasha and they were amazed to find rituals, music … Read more

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