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Startup Learning Opportunities

Startup Learning Opportunities


New Venture Creation course being taught by Will

Startup learning opportunities abound. Not all of them require you going to business school to do an MBA. Many are available on line. Some are even free.

Plenty of people have business ideas and at the same time lack any notion of how to turn those ideas into a business reality. It is highly likely that, with a bit of knowledge and structure, those budding entrepreneurs would have a much better chance of success that if they launch themselves into the abyss.

This course on How to Start Your Own Business is one that is well with looking at. It’s from Michigan State University. Another in the same league is from the Wharton School, renowned for the financial emphasis of its MBA program. It is simply called, Entrepreneurship. Another good place to start is The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Guy Kawasaki.

Many good offers exist for startups in particular fields. You may already think you know a lot about the healthcare industry. Maybe you have worked in it for years, but working in it and starting a business in the field are two very different things, and you’d be well advised to take the course on the Healthcare Marketplace, to get yourself up to speed and maybe avoid some pitfalls arising from thinking that you know it all.

Social Entreprise

It may of course be that your new venture will seek to change the world—the chances are high. There is much talk about social entrepreneurship and the trend is so universal that many social enterprise startups don’t even name themselves as such. For those who do self-identify themselves as social entrepreneurs, a good place to start would be the Social Enterprise course from the Copenhagen Business School. An alternative could be 8 Things Everyone Should Know About Social Entrepreneurship.

On the other hand people who have a mind to start something, but are searching for ideas, could do worse than doing a course on the Internet of Things, as a way to gain inspiration. This course could lead you to ‘things’ other than those that require you to be a great software engineer, but unveiling open blue ocean market spaces where there is little to fill the void. Entrepreneurship: Quit Your Boring 9-t0-five Job & Do Business, could help, too.

These courses are from Coursera and Udemy. It’s well worth checking out all of Coursera’s offers on Entrepreneurship, as well as Udemy’s offers of courses on Entrepreneurship.

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