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See the world more clearly


‘Vision’, created for DharmaCo by Libat Ohayon.

Founders who want to change the world are achieving their goal. More and more major corporations have decided that their values should not just be nice catch phrases, but be exhibited in all their actions. Without a band of founders prepared to say “enough is enough”, they might well have gone on their merry way, rather than beginning to see he world more clearly.

Like many other among my MBA New Venture Creation students, Dhruv Jagasia, founded his own business: Dharmaco—that makes prescription eyewear available on line. I can attest to the fact that the glasses are all stylish and high quality. If ever they were to break, they covered by a lifetime warranty.

Every pair is dispensed by a licensed and board-certified optician, so you know you’re getting the clearest vision possible. You can try them on at home using their fun and easy to use Virtual Try On apps, or you can try on a few pairs at home for free.

Dhruv decided that Dharmaco should to try and shake things up. Tired of seeing sameness everywhere: overpriced, poorly-made products, purely profit-driven philosophies and a lack of authenticity and transparency. Dharma Co. was founded on the idea of accessibility; not only do they make all of their high-quality products affordable, but they want to help provide access to those who can’t afford proper vision care. That view of the world led to partnering with Optometry Giving Sight, a global nonprofit that trains local eye-care professionals, establishes vision centers, and delivers eye exams and glasses in areas of need around the world. They are donated 5% of each sale, which means that you make an impact with every pair you purchase.


PLEASE NOTE: There is tons of useful stuff on Startup Owl, a site that’s been going for a dozen years. So keep browsing, but know that the founder, Will, now devotes most of his time and energy to his new website that you should definitely visit:

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