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Storybeing: India in Corsica



What do you think is going on in the image above? 

No, you are wrong.

It is the making of a Bollywood film on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Last July an group of Indian filmmakers descended on the island to make a film called Tamasha and they were amazed to find rituals, music and culture that made them think of home—so far away. You will enjoy watching this 3-minute video. It’s fun just for itself.

An old Corsican acquaintance of mine, Jean-Patrick Constantini, who makes films and was involved in this one, makes the point that this film will be an amazing piece of publicity for the small island, where I used to live. 



Because it is storybeing, almost without being storytelling. It does not labor the point of the beauty and culture of the island, but shows it happening, without intentionally being promotional. So often we are so wrapped up in our own story that we insist on the message instead of letting it unfold and manifest itself. 

Startups are often good at storybeing, because they are not caught up in the norms of how one is are supposed to behave as a corporate being. They live their own entrepreneurial story day to day. The startups who are really good at it go on storybeing into maturity and growth. They allow themselves to be themselves and avoid business pretension.

Living the values and value of the enterprise is much more telling than ‘crowing’ about them. 


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