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Are You and Entrepreneur?

Here are 8 questions that will help you decide if you have what it takes to start your own business. If you only score a total of 8, this is probably not the life for you; if you score 40, go for it right now!

Check each how strongly the statements apply to you, with a 1 being not very applicable and 5 being absolutely how you are. Think about the characteristics carefully and be honest with yourself. Nobody is going to check your answers.

You might want to see if friends or colleagues who know you well agree with how you scored yourself. Sometimes we know what we’re good at, and sometimes we can’t see it. On the other hand, we may know that we are not good at something, or we may not even be aware of our incompetence.

Personal Characteristics






I am predisposed to action; I like to get things done






I enjoy investigating things and resources needed to create the new






I feel a need to achieve things, more than having power, or belonging






My life is filled with constant learning that I can then apply






I can tolerate ambiguity and seeming contradictions—and still progress






I am not foolhardy, but am good at determining degrees of risk and reward






I am good at putting vision into action, while remaining in the present






I am able to make use both of my intuition and my ability to analyze














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