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$1.2 million a day

kickstarter logoEntrepreneurs cannot avoid considering Kickstarter for startup funding, now that they pull in more than $1.2 million a day in pledges. This is especially true for small tech startups. Crowdfunder Kickstarter had 4,497 projects successfully reaching their funding goals from January through March, 2014. 

One billion dollars have been pledged to Kickstarter projects, as of March 4. But they are not alone. Crowdfunding is now one of the most significant sources of startup funding.  Not just Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but platforms devoted to startups and small business, like Fundable (rewards) and EarlyShares (equity & convertible debt – ‘accredited crowdfunders’ till title III of the JOBS Act rules are published). Another is Wefunder (also equity), who have raised over $11 million for a flying car!

StartupValley is another platform, currently in pre-launch, while the equity crowdfunding regulations are being finalized by the SEC & FINRA.  StartupValley will be positioned to become an equity crowdfunding portal, platform, site, and website that will allow accredited and non-accredited investors to provide start-up funding and early-stage investments.

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