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Nubie is a systematized startup process

nubie-logoNubie is a systematized startup process. Loughlin Nestor and Bryan Clarke are brothers-in-law and founders of the business and, following much research, they established nine steps fundamental to string up in business.

Their vision is ‘To help everyone who wishes to create their own employment, do so, in a quick, easy, accurate, affordable and rewarding way. To create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and to nurture and promote enterprise in Ireland and around the world.’

Nubie’s 9 Steps to Success


  1. Getting ready to start
  2. Idea Surgery
  3. Market Research
  4. Business Planning
  5. Financial Planning
  6. Setting Up
  7. Essential Tasks
  8. Making Money
  9. Begin Trading.

They make it sound easy, which of course it never is. If entrepreneurship is about anything, it’s about mis-steps, disappointment, frustration and having to try again.

What is special about Loughlin’s and Bryan’s approach is trying to cut down those mis-steps, disappointments and frustrations to the smallest number. One of the best ways of doing that is to follow their ten ‘maxims’.

  1. Define your startup DNA
  2. Keep the main thing, the main thing
  3. Bring design on board from day one
  4. Validate ideas early and test assumptions
  5. Build a business, not a pitch
  6. Stop selling and start listening
  7. Get the balance right between MVP and perfection
  8. Get a mentor* and build your support network
  9. 90% of entrepreneurship is sales. It’s time to start hustling.
  10. It’s all about people. Hire the best you can.

Nubie’s new business model

Nubie’s new business model is to provide this system to other providers as a white label platform. They have already worked with development agencies within Ireland and now seek to work with similar public and private bodies in other countries. 

As a platform that organizations can adapt and use to promote what Guy Kawasaki calls the art of the start, it can be very effective very quickly and without a massive investment in infrastructure. that the Startup Owl sent you.


* Try me, the Startup Owl, aka Will Keyser, since that’s why I do! I have been an entrepreneur on two continents and teach entrepreneurship on an MBA program. You can find me on LinkedIn or look at my bio. You can also take a look at Startups-Are-Hard. It’s a short presentation you can download and it will lead you to an easy way to get a reference on me as a mentor.

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