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Storytelling Boost for Entrepreneurs’ Pitches

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Attracting the attention of financiers and customers is one of the entrepreneur’s biggest challenges. A new ebook launched today will make that easier. It shows how storytelling can be more effective than most ways of presenting a startup.

Telling StartUp Stories: Keep the End in Mind (ISBN: 9781468938418) by William Keyser, veteran entrepreneur and MBA teacher of entrepreneurship, is available at Amazon, Book Country, and other ebookstores,.

William says, “This book about storytelling will help give your business pitches a boost. If you have been thwarted by your best efforts to get your business off the ground, with presentations that fall flat, business plans that are ignored, sales visits without orders, then this ebook is for you.” 

Telling Startup Stories is about making effective use of storytelling to promote and sell the startup business to friends and colleagues, as well as potential investors, bankers, partners, recruits, suppliers and above all to customers and the wider community.

 It is written by a veteran entrepreneur and writer, who learned the hard way–in the development of his own business. It provides practical steps on achieving success by telling the exciting story of the business, its products and the way it will change the world.

Entrepreneurs already have the ability to use storytelling, and this book will enhance their skills and confidence. Entrepreneurs have passion for their business and what it can do, while being controlled risk takers, with a high tolerance for ambiguity. They are good at living the reality of their business now, without losing sight of the bigger picture. These are the same capabilities that are needed by storytellers.

The book is about why and how to use storytelling in the entrepreneurial context, and the the tools and techniques that the entrepreneur will want to use to get better results.

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