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Don’t Stop Now

nordicEdmund Brelsford, 78, is the 2010 champion in the 75+ age group of the US National Masters Cross Country Ski Championships. He took up skiing in 1964 and has been skiing ever since. He has also been a national mountain b champ too. It’s not just sport that interests him. He is a former ballet dancer, has tauhgt 22 languages and plays Medieval Renaissance music, too.

He would delight John Ratey, author of the book Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain. John focuses on the mind-body connection and how exercise can help work the brain as much as muscles elsewhere in the body. The rapidly revealing world of neuroscience is transforming our understanding of the brain and its interplay with our mind.

Entrepreneurs, whether young or old, ignore these developments at their peril. Given the physical and mental agility required to start and develop a business, a huge ‘leg-up’ is available at no financial investment. One of the things successful entrepreneurs do without thinking, is learning. They have to or the business would flop, since everything always changes and no business plan ever works out precisely. Exercise, along with diet and things like fish oil, keep the immune system in its best condition, too

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