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Veteran AdVenturers

Senior StartupsAge is no barrier to adVenturing. Tom Lackey, 89, continued to embrace adventure late into life, in his case as a way past the grief of losing his wife to a heart attack 10 years ago.

Mr. Lackey took up wing-walking. Last summer, he strapped his feet to the top of a single-engine biplane, like the daredevils of aviation’s early days, and flew across the English Channel at 160 miles per hour, with nothing between him and the wild blue yonder but goggles and layers of clothing to fight the wind-chill.

As with adVenturing, business venturing is not something to stop with advancing years. I am far from alone in starting my latest venture at a mere 67. Recent data (GEM National Entrepreneurial Assessment for the USA. November 2009) shows that 8-9 per cent more people in the 45-98 age group started businesses by comparison with the year before.

Startups by veterans have the side benefit of keeping you young and vigorous, even if wing-walking is not your thing. You are likely to have the experience and wisdom not to be profligate with your energy.

Of course, you need to keep your neurogenesis going, by exercising your brain as well as your body, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits and and doing the necessary to revitalize your flagging immune system. Social intercourse – and the other – are part of it, too!

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