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internship, enternshipInternships are harder and harder to find for young students interested in business. At the same time, many startups have a tough time justifying taking on new people on the payroll. Bootstrappers have always known how to get work done by means of begging, buying or borrowing labor.

Students who might have been drawn to the idea of big business as being able to provide greater opportunities for learning than small business, can now see how working in an entrepreneurial environment can give them a much wider breadth of experience.

The entrepreneurial student will always be able to find opportunities, though with the economic downturn even they may be less able to find opening. I have come across two ‘middle men’ to help bridge the gap.

Enternships provides ambitious and dynamic students and graduates with an opportunity to learn about business and enterprise through work placements in entrepreneurial and innovative environments, from start-ups to global venture funds around the world.

Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs (WEP) offers programs and resources for entrepreneurial-minded students who would prefer to pursue an internship or career at an early stage company rather than a position at a large investment bank or consulting firm.

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