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How to start a businessHow to start a business: now’s your moment!

You’re excited about getting through the maze to start a business and want to get going, but

•  worry about the risk of starting a business;
•  struggle with priorities of starting a business;
•  question the need for a business plan to start a business;
•  doubt you can raise enough money to start a business;
•  are doubtful about when to start your business for real.

You need to know that the sooner you start a business, the sooner revenue will flow. And the sooner the revenue is flowing, the sooner the business will finance itself.

When you actually start a business and get into the marketplace, you’ll learn fast. Your customers will demand you improve. You’ll soon figure out what works and what doesn’t. Beware trying to perfect everything before you start–or your idea will remain just a figment of your imagination.

Take the next two steps to start your business NOW!

1. Boil down your idea to start a business in just 100 words. For some pointers go here.

2. Send them to the Startup Owl for FREE feedback. Paste them in here and click.

Then, before going much further on the trail to start a business, snoop around the Startup Owl’s website for helpful guidance and free resources to start a business. Take a browse through the index on the right to find immediate help to start a business.

The Startup Owl offers you more of a helping hand

Here at Startup Owl you’ll find inspiring and pragmatic ways for helping you start a business faster and sustainably. The free advice and information covers fundamental issues and answers to problems you can implement immediately.

If you have the passion and knowledge, it’s not about risk. It’s about being prepared, and calculating the downside. You aren’t foolhardy, knowing that your ideas won’t pan out exactly as planned. But you’ll know how to deal with the unexpected.

Now is the time to think through the opportunities and challenges of starting a business. Weigh the financial implications and ensure success. Now is the time to make the marketing and sales happen.

If you remain unsure or need more help–now or later, the Startup Owl will be at your side as you start a business.


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